Back to the East! Hong Kong & Vietnam!

Being my usual travel obsessed self, I was desperate to travel again. I had to go back to the far east, after a taste of Europe I knew I needed to head back to the stifling humidity, cheap food and affordable day trips. My boyfriend (John) and I went through the map of Asia in great detail. He wanted Sri Lanka – I am not a surfer so I didn’t fancy spending everyday on the beach watching him catch “sick waves”. I wanted Koh Samui – he had been to Thailand twice before so he wasn’t jumping up and down at the idea of saving up his hard earned cash to go back again. He then told me about his desire to walk and camp along the Great wall of China. I was also quite interested until we realized that our holiday fell in a not-so-great hiking season in China. March was still too cold. We ended up agreeing on an awesome holiday in Hong Kong and Vietnam. Time was limited so our itinerary was as follows:

3 nights in Hong Kong, 3 nights in Hanoi, 5 nights in Nha Trang and finished off with 3 nights in Ho Chi Minh City.

I had everything planned down to the last activity, and our flights were booked through Cathay Pacific. I really enjoyed this airline – dessert was a Magnum ice cream – what is there not to love?

After a long, sleepless flight, we finally arrived in Hong Kong. John had fallen asleep quickly after take off – I had not! the Johannesburg to Hong Kong leg was a grueling 12 hour flight. We landed safe and sound, and I’ll detail my Hong Kong trip in the next post 🙂


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