Hong Kong Day 3 – Ocean Park

As much as I loved my first Disney experience, the rides at Ocean Park were far more of an adrenaline rush. We needed to take the MTR as well as a bus to get there, and we were completely blown away by this park. There are trimmed hedges in various animal shapes all around the area, and such great attention to detail. There is an aquarium, animal section, cable car ride as well as the actual theme park.

In order to reach the theme park section, you need to take a cable car journey to the top of the park.


Hair Raiser – It deserves its name!

The first ride we went on the the Hair Raiser coaster. It has a creepy clown face entrance, and the ride felt like it was on the edge of  the cliff. Poor John looked like he was going to be sick while he was still in the queue – so much for Mr big talker! This was a definite adrenaline rush, and by far the best coaster I had ever been on. We ended up doing this one three times as the queues weren’t too bad.

11066520_10153266445588968_7909187761078684393_nWe tried most of the various rides, but the other 2 that need special mention would be the tummy drop, which is when you go straight up to the top of the tower, and then you drop down fast. When you are at the top, there is such an amazing view but you are terrified of what is to come, so this ride needs to be done at least twice to enjoy the sights – if your stomach and heart can handle it! The second one was a ride that flipped us upside down over the tarmac. It was also a terrifying one for me, being suspended  with concrete below did not feel natural! We went on various other rides, but none of them came close to the same adrenaline rushes previously experienced. One of the rides needs a poncho! It is a water ride in a large tube, and as you go through the rapids, staff members stand of the bridges with a water gun to ensure you get wet.

In the afternoon there is a seal and dolphin show. We were lucky enough to get pulled down backstage, where we changed into wellie boots and walked out on stage to do various signals with the seal. It was so cool! When the seal act was done, we took our seats in the audience and watched the dolphins do various jumps and tricks. When the show was done, we took the cable car back down to the lower park, and spent time going through the aquarium and animal park. It was my first time seeing a panda in real life, and John was excited to discover a red panda.

10259784_10153266446068968_2166709709822698624_nAfter doing some shopping in the park, we eventually made our way home to freshen up. We hopped back on the hotel shuttle to ladies market, where we spent some of the evening walking around and bargaining. John was feeling particularly brave, so we ended up on the side of the market, eating from a street food restaurant. The kind where seafood is still alive in buckets on the pavement. I can honestly say that the spring rolls were delicious!

*just an add in, the superhero flash drive I bought worked once, and died a very quick death. The lady who sold it to me was nice enough to plug it into her laptop to show me that it worked, and it worked once after that.


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