Day trip to Volendam


Cycling on the dykes.

One of the nicest day trips out of Amsterdam was Volendam. We woke up early one morning, braving the freezing cold, to cycle our way to the fishing village. I donned cycling shorts, leggings, full tracksuit pants, 2 pairs of socks, a t-shirt, pullover fleece jersey, zip up fleece jersey, a windbreaker and a beanie. It.was.that.cold!




We braced some biting cold wind and cloudy skies to make this journey, and I’m so glad we did! We cycled on the famous dykes, and found a clog factory along the way. It was fascinating to see how the clogs transformed from wood into delicately painted shoes. Again, I didn’t take the opportunity to buy the clog slippers when I should have. We cycled to a little harbor, and found refuge from the cold in a little pub style restaurant. The apple pie was delicious! After that, we paid the 8euro fee and boarded the ferry to Volendam. It was a pleasant surprise to find a fellow South African sitting next to us on the ferry. He was living in Belgium and recognized our accents straight away, mentioning how homesick he was. When we reached Volendam, I immediately paid 5euros for a proper fleece beanie, and set off around the little fishing village.

We enjoyed a cheese tour, learning all about the process of making cheese. We also indulged in some sweet poffertjies, which are a dutch style pancake. Eventually it was time to cycle back to our accommodation in Amsterdam. We took an alternate route which took us past farms and windmills. The sky had cleared up at that point, and the sun had come out to play. One thing I really loved about Holland was the farm life. There were many shetland ponies and farm animals roaming around on the luscious green fields. The warm weather was the turning point for the rest of our holiday. Sunshine and shorts all the way!


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