Favorite Pizza spots in Cape Town

As I’m sure you have guessed from the title, pizza is my ultimate food indulgence. I’ve listed a few of my favorite spots that I’ve tried around Cape Town, please feel free to add some more that you think I should try 🙂

  1. Da Vinci’s on Kloof – I first discovered this spot through a Groupon deal, and decided to try it out since it was on a very popular, trendy street. The restaurant is lovely, especially on a warm summer evening, as they have an outside section with fairy lights. The pizza has an incredibly thin base, and you usually need a fork to eat it. This is exactly how I love my pizza – thin and saucy! My favorite type is usually a rib pizza with a delicious BBQ base sauce. My partner had an avo, bacon and feta – he loved his too. All in all, a wonderful meal and we have since been here a few times.
  2. Woodstock Lounge – After a disastrous pizza at another “trendy” spot in Woodstock, we asked for the bill and left, making our way here. The pizza at the original spot had an awfully acidic, thick base. The topping choices were odd combinations, and the restaurant doesn’t allow for changes or substitutions – that should have been our first clue! Anyway, we chose to rather enjoy the rest of our evening at Woodstock Lounge, and what a great decision! The place has a casual vibe, with a seated section taking up half the restaurant, and a lounge section taking up the other half. There is also a bar running across the place. We sat on one of the comfy couches near the fire and ordered a pizza to share. It was a safe choice after the place we had just come from, we chose avo, bacon and feta. Nice thin base, great employees, and a cozy couch to munch away on. A definite winner!
  3. Doodles – A very popular, longstanding spot in Blouberg. We are very lucky to have this restaurant right next to our apartment building. The view is spectacular (
    Table Mountain at it’s best) and the atmosphere is laid back. Thursday is more manic as the drinks are half price until 8pm. The Rib pizza, and the “Dood” are great choices. The one thing that stands out about Doodles pizza, is their use of herbs. Most places don’t add enough to taste, but the cheesy pizza at Doodles is always generously sprinkled. There is usually a pizza special during the winter months – half price Sundays. Hopefully they are bringing it back this year!
  4. Obz Cafe – We shared a pulled pork pizza here recently, and have since gone back to enjoy it again. The pizza is in a large, square shape, with ample toppings, thin base, and mouthwatering chipotle sauce. Don’t be fooled by the harsh, dodgy streets. The inside is trendy and cool, the only downside is that the cafe shares a bathroom (dodgy bathroom I might add) with Jerry’s cafe.
  5.  Posticinos – Situated on Seapoint Main road, this place has been around for ages. Every time I have been there, it has been very busy. Always try make a booking, that way you can request the tables outside on the patio (weather dependent of course!) The menu has a large variety of choices, far from the boring, standard options. The pizza has a crispy, thin base with a generous amount of toppings. This restaurant comes alive in the evening, leaving you with a sense of social wonder and food satisfaction.
  6.  Forneria Italia – This is a busy Italian spot in Table View. People don’t come for the view, so you know they must be doing something right to be buzzing at night. This place feels like the pizza is done authentically, with a delicious variety of options to choose from. The only thing to keep in mind, last time we were there they only took cash! Bring enough to enjoy some vino with your plate of pizza heaven.
  7. Col’Cacchio’s Big Bay – Everyone in Cape Town knows Col’Cacchios, there are a few branches dotted all around the country. Their pizza is amazingly thin, with many gourmet options to choose from. They offer gluten free bases, low carb options, as well as pizzas with the centre removed and replaced with salads, for all those calorie counters out there.


Other great pizza spots worth mentioning:

  • Bardelli’s – Kloof street
  • Maestro’s – Milnerton
  • Beerhouse – Long Street (technically not pizza, it is labelled as “Sour Dough”)
  • NY Slice – Kloof street (For a quick, delicious sliceaway)
  • The Beach Tavern – Milnerton
  • Royale Eatery – Long Street
  • Yours Truly – Kloof Street
  • Some Oaks – Rondebosch

Please feel free to mention any that I should still try out, I’m always open to testing out the pizza waters 🙂


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