Bangkok day 2, whirlwind shopping!

Day 2 in Bangkok was a complete whirlwind! I made sure to set my alarm this time, and we woke up at a decent hour. As we made our way onto the skytrain platform, I noticed waffles for sale. I have an absolute weakness for all dessert. Since we didn’t opt for the breakfast option with our hotel, I couldn’t walk past the waffles without indulging. The menu listed a custard waffle, and my mouth started salivating. I took one bite out of the custard waffle and my face screwed up in an unlady-like expression. The custard was a green gel-like filling. My stomach turned and I gave up on the waffle.

When we got to Chatuchak, I was in awe. We spent most of the day there and I doubt we even made a dent in the map. They had everything you could possibly buy, from pets and chandeliers, to clothing, food and anything else imaginable. We bought some chicken and prawn kebabs from the food section, and ventured in. I was in shopping heaven, albeit a stifling hot and sticky heaven!


Thai silk scarves.

I managed to get quite a few souvenirs at this market, my favorite being the Thai silk scarves (I paid 100baht per scarf). I came across another stall that sold Hong Kong waffles, and decided to try my luck with these ones, as they looked very different from the one I had tried earlier. These waffles were crispy balls covered in chocolate sauce, so delicious! After buying a few more items, we left the sauna-style market in search of an air-conditioned shopping mall.

We stopped at a themed mall, Terminal 21, which has a different country theme for each floor. It was fun trying to guess which countries were represented. The toilets were amazing here, each toilet had a side controller with various options – heated seat, air dry, water spray etc. I was amazed.


Not good for calorie counters 🙂

We found what would soon be our favorite dessert chain in this mall, Swensens. Their ice cream and chocolate milkshakes were so good! As you can see in the picture, we had some awesome options to choose from.

Next up, we headed to the much recognized, MBK. A shopper’s dream! floor after floor of stalls. We bought a few t-shirts and shorts, as well as a Pandora-style bracelet. Some of the t-shirts we 99baht. Like I said, a shopper’s dream! After spending 2 days in Bangkok, I could understand why people recommend going to Thailand with an empty suitcase.

Day 2 ended with our first Burger King meal. We were exhausted, shopped out and ready for a cool shower. We went back to the hotel for an early night, as we wanted to be well rested for the Grand Palace in the morning.




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