The start of my first overseas holiday!

I should have started this blog years ago. 4 years ago to be exact. Over the next couple of weeks it may seem like I am travelling non stop, but I am just transferring my written journals into blog posts. This Thailand holiday was taken in February 2012, and so I shall begin 🙂

When I wasn’t working, I spent every free moment pouring over the pages of the internet, preparing myself for my first overseas holiday. I had my ticket booked, economy class with Emirates. I had booked my various accommodations through and It was daunting to book everything myself for my first holiday, but after taking advice from friends, my confidence levels were up.

Being the absolute OCD worrier that I am, I had a book that I carted with me everywhere! I had painstakingly researched subway and skytrain routes to every attraction that I wanted to visit. I knew when to get off, where to switch trains etc. I felt fully prepared for this new and exciting adventure.

The departure date in February finalcheck iny arrived. I knew I was going to a hot and humid city, so I thought I would dress appropriately. I donned my new little dress, complete with flip flops and a lightweight cardigan, and headed off for the airport. Oh what an amateur I was!

As soon as the time came to finally board, I excitedly jumped out of my waiting seat, scanned my boarding pass and entered the plane. “What is everyone moaning about?!” I thought, as I saw the airplane seats for the first time. This looked more than comfortable, and I had heard so many stories about how uncomfortable economy class was. Just as I was doing a positive cartwheel in my mind, the air hostess, prim and proper, looked at my ticket and pointed down the passage. “Economy class that way”. My mental cartwheels came crashing down when I saw the little seats in economy class. Ok, So business class looked comfy, no doubt about that, but I needed to make myself comfortable for the long flight to Dubai.

Sadly, my seat was in a very inconvenient place, and could only move back about half an inch. I could have been grumpy with the idea of the long flight in a practically upright position, but I was too excited about the movies I had prechecked on the Emirates website. Another amateur mistake. The food was as good as can be expected, as was the service, but coming back to my first mistake, the plane was freezing and I was in a little dress! I mentally noted to never dress like this for a long haul flight again! With about 3 paper thin airplane blankets, and endless movie options, I somehow survived my first long haul flight.

In hindsight, my 3 biggest mistakes were as follows:

  • Dressing for summer when airplanes have a permanent freezing feeling (maybe a slight exaggeration, but I feel the cold very easily)
  • Watching as many movies as I could – I should have been catching up on sleep!
  • Not eating the breakfast offered – this cost me some $$$ in Dubai airport.


Part 2 up next!




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